01.19.2023 API Release Notes

Release Date: 01/19/2023

Attachment: 01.19.2023 API Release Notes

Bug Fixes
There were a few bugs introduced with our migration of existing endpoints to the new API project that will update our API documentation. All of the known bugs have been reported and addressed. The following was fixed:

  1. Actor endpoint migration impacted login for the Clinician and Admin portals
  2. Provider endpoint migration caused a bug that created malformed jobs
  3. Send invite endpoint impacted:
    1. Jobs being created and queued
    2. Change in response from “Invite Sent” to “Invite sent”
  4. Provider preview endpoint migration impacted the response object
  5. Provider registration endpoint migration impacted validation

What’s New

  1. API Migration to New Endpoints
    1. We have released a new version of our API endpoints to improve our support for our development partners. These new endpoints guarantee that our API documentation will be updated in real-time to match the API codebase. Additionally, we have expanded our API documentation to include sample responses for each endpoint. This update will enable our clients to test and implement our API endpoints in a more efficient and effective way. As a part of the initiative to make our API documentation up-to-date in real-time, we will need all of our API users to switch the endpoints they are using for continued use of them. The migration will be coordinated between your teams and our Customer Success department to ensure that there is no interruption in service. We will continue to support the old endpoints until everyone has successfully transitioned to the new ones. A migration plan with your teams will be shared in the coming weeks by your Customer Success Manager (CSM).
  2. Verified DEA drug schedule coming in as a formatted attribute
    1. The DEA section of the Verified Share API now has two ways of displaying the information - formatted and unformatted. The formatted way can be found in a newly created key called "verified.dea.drug_schedule_formatted". Previously, the DEA drug schedule was only sent in an unformatted attribute.
  3. Error messages in Verified Share API
    1. The error message for pending subscriptions has been updated to reflect “Presentation unavailable” rather than a partially completed JSON response. This is the same error message that surfaces when a clinician has not shared their wallet with a subscriber yet.