02.14.2023 API Release Notes

Release Date: 02/14/2023

Attachment: 02.14.2023 API Release Notes

Bug Fixes

  1. AACN Board Certification Misspelled
    1. The AACN connector that verifies the board certification was misspelled on the back end. It has been corrected from “AANC” to “AACN”. This correction will allow AACN verifications to kick off properly when being loaded through the Provider Registration API.

What’s New

  1. Document name mapping - Client document names available in the Verified Share API
    1. In version 2 of our APIs, clients will have the ability to map their document names to the ones used in Axuall. Document name mapping will allow easier integration of the documents used by our clients to the ones utilized in Axuall. To properly set up this feature, clients will need to work with their Implementation Manager to gather a list of documents used in their system compared to the ones in Axuall to pull into the Verified Share API. Additionally, users will need to be on the latest version of our API endpoints (V2.0) in order to set this up.
  2. Tokens for API users are now cached by Axuall
    1. In version 2 of our APIs, authentication tokens will be cached for our clients to guarantee actors are issued the initial token rather than a new one. This will occur when accessing data on clinicians within their subscriber group and caching will be managed by Axuall. Authentication tokens are valid for 24 hours and can be used for all calls to the endpoints when pulling clinician data. The expected behavior moving forward will be to receive the same token within a 24-hour timeframe if more than one request is made for one.
  3. Latest clinician presentation date available in the Provider Search API
    1. In version 2 of our APIs, subscribers will be able to access the latest clinician presentation date through the Provider Search API. Presentations are a snapshot of a clinicians data that includes all of their credentials. When any of their credentials change, the presentation date will update to the latest date the change occurred. Now, this date will be accessible through the Provider Search API. This allows users to pull a list of clinicians who’s presentation has changed within a defined date range and subsequently retrieve that latest data through the Verified Share API.
  4. API documentation updates
    1. We continue to make updates to our API documentation to ensure that it is up to date for our API clients. During this release, we worked on the following:
      1. V1.0 of our API endpoints now reference that they will soon be deprecated to support V2.0 of the endpoints. To reiterate, V1.0 of our API endpoints will be supported until all of our clients have switched over to V2.0.
      2. All API release notes from 09/27/22 and beyond are now available in a tab called “Changelog” on the readme site for API documentation. You can access them here:
      3. V2.0 of our endpoints can be found here The “Beta” label will remain until we remove the link for V1.0 and only support V2.0. If you have any questions about migrating to V2.0, please contact your Customer Success Manager for further information.