03.23.2023 API Release Notes

Release Date: 03/23/2023

Attachment: 03.23.2023 API Release Notes

Bug Fixes

  1. Verified Share API - Removal of attested.medicaid.state
    1. The key that is meant to populate attested.medicaid.state did not exist in our data model, but was incorrectly surfacing in the Verified Share endpoint along with being a part of our API documentation. This has been removed to accurately reflect that attested.medicaid.number is a complex attribute where the medicaid state and number are populated. The format is State: License Number. An example would be "attested.medicaid.state": {"MD": "12345678"}.
  2. Verified Share API - Unable to Access Artifacts from JSON
    1. There was a bug related to pulling the artifacts from the verified share endpoint. This has been fixed and all artifacts are able to be pulled again.
  3. Verified Share API - FSMB Data Missing/Showing Up Incorrectly
    1. There were instances where FSMB data in the version 2 endpoints was missing or showing up incorrectly compared to version 1. This has been corrected and the data will now show up as it did in the version 1 endpoints.
  4. Verified Share API - Verification Type and Source Missing for rn_licenses
    1. Verification type and source were missing in the metadata for rn_licenses in version 2 of the verified share endpoint. This has been fixed and those two data sources are now populating for rn_licenses.
  5. API Documentation - Typo in 418 Error Message
    1. There was a typo in the 418 error message. The word “insufficient” was misspelled and has been corrected.

What’s New

  1. Database Migration
    1. Over the past two months, Axuall has successfully migrated our database architecture to one that enables a more robust and efficient platform. This will improve Axuall’s performance and reliability as well as enable enhancements that would have previously been much harder to implement.
      There was no downtime for our clients during this migration as we made sure to complete it in a way that supported the old architecture while building out the new one.
  2. List Providers API - Provider ID Added as a Query Parameter
    1. The List Providers endpoint now includes the Provider ID as a query parameter. This will allow users to search for a clinician based on their provider ID along with the other query parameters. The provider IDs that are supported are NPI and NCSBN ID.
  3. List Providers API - Updated Date Field Logic
    1. The logic of the date fields min_presentation_change and max_presentation_change in the query parameters of the List Providers endpoint have been updated to reflect when there is a change in the clinician’s presentation rather than changes to the verification dates. Presentations are a snapshot of a clinicians data that includes all of their credentials. When any of their credentials change, the presentation date will update to the latest date the change occurred. This change will allow our API users to better know when to pull a provider's data from the Verified Share endpoint for updates.
  4. Send Invite API - NCSBN ID Added as a Body Parameter
    1. The NCSBN ID has been added as a body parameter in the Send Invite endpoint so that moving forward RNs are able to be invited to complete their wallets via the API.