04.19.2023 API Release Notes

Release Date: 04/19/2023

Attachment: 04.19.2023 API Release Notes

Bug Fixes

  1. 404 error messages corrected in V2 of the Verified Share API
    1. 404 error messages shown in V1 of the Verified Share API are now showing up in V2 of the API. Previously, the 404 error messages of “Presentation unavailable” and “Provider unavailable” were not surfacing in the latest endpoint.
  2. Education typo corrected in the Verified Share API
    1. There was an education typo in the Verified Share API. The attested.university_transcript.graduation_month data label had a typo where attested was spelled “atttested”. This has been corrected in both versions of the API.

What’s New

  1. Last Wallet shared dates added as query parameters to the List Providers API
    1. Minimum and maximum last wallet shared dates have been added as query parameters to the List Providers API. This will enable the ability for API users to now gather a list of providers who have manually completed their wallet share with a subscriber. Gathering these dates enables API users to poll for providers that have completed their wallet share and inform their decision-making on when to pull providers data from the Verified Share API. The JSON response will now include the last_wallet_shared field.
  2. FSMB Changes
    1. FSMB data will now always come over in the verified share API as attested in the state_licenses section of the response. The FSMB data was captured as attested since it is not considered a primary source verification and Axuall stored the license number and state. Further information about the state license can be found in a newly created section of the response called fsmb_info. This will house school information (demographics), more FSMB data captured about the state license and any relevant board actions that were applicable for this license. With this newly created fsmb_info section, Axuall will remove the existing fsmb section so that only fsmb_info exists once we get confirmation that our partners are able to map to it.