Recipes added to the List Providers API Endpoint


With the creation of the Assign Workflow API endpoint, users have the ability to change the recipe for a provider. However, there isn’t a way to currently see which recipe the provider is assigned to for confirmation that the recipe successfully changed or to import into a system of record. Users would like to have access to this information so that they can track it as providers' recipes change throughout their time in the Axuall system. The ability to import the assigned workflow into a client’s system of record will become more important over time as users do not rely on the admin center to get this data.


  1. Add app_req (UUID) as a query param in the List Providers endpoint to enable users to search based on the app_req that was input.
  2. The app_req placed in the query param should return a list of providers that are assigned to that recipe.
  3. The app_req_status placed in the query param should show only app_reqs with the specified status. If blank, don’t filter.
  4. A list of app_req should be added to the response for a provider.
  5. If no records match all the filter criteria we’ll return 200 with an empty list.