Creation of an Invite.

The invite resource is a mechanism to describe the information that
is being requested from the clinician.

This can include but is not limited to:

  • Credentials that require verification
  • Attested Information
  • Employment History Requirements
  • Malpractice History Requirements
  • Supplemental Documents
  • Disclosure Questions
  • Delineation of Privilege forms.

Form Data Expectations

The data attribute of the form data given to this endpoint is structured like so:

  • subscriber_list: The list of facilities where the clinician is to be credentialed.
    • Type: array
    • Example: ['Test Facility']
  • app_req_id: The application requirements of the subscriptions to be generated.
    • Type: string
  • npi: The clinician's NPI number (Required if ncsbn is not provider)
    • Type: string
    • Example: '1234567890'
  • ncsbn: The clinician's NCSBN number (Required if npi not provided)
    • Type: 'string'
    • Example: '3214561'

This should be ran through JSON.stringify and placed into the data attribute of the form.

You must supply either NPI or NCSBN in your data object.

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