Automated Flat File Exports


Automated flat file exports involve the process of programmatically generating and exporting data in CSV or TXT formats without manual intervention by clients. Axuall will leverage this technology to automate the exporting of a clinician’s data found in their presentation from Axuall to clients. The automated flat files are organized around specific data types captured by Axuall.

Data TypeDefinition
DemographicsContains all demographic information on a provider.
LicensesContains all licenses for a provider including state medical, DEA, CDS, and RN licenses.
EducationContains all education records for a provider.
Professional EmploymentContains all employment information on a provider including gaps in work history.
AffiliationsContains all hospital affiliations of a provider.
TrainingsContains all training of a provider including internships, residencies, and fellowships.
ReferencesContains all peer reference information for a provider.
CertificationsContains all certification information on a provider including board certifications and life support ones.
Malpractice InsuranceContains all collected malpractice insurance for a provider.
Provider FilesContains all collected files for a provider including documents, signatures, document tasks, artifacts, attestations, and supplementals.


Flat files will be set up and managed by the Axuall Implementation Team. To get set up successfully, your Account Manager will have to ensure you have access to your SFTP folder before any files can be dropped into it.


  1. Axuall to load (1) data export file per data type daily indicating the files available and location path for retrieval, by provider.
  2. Download and transfer from Axuall SFTP file location to clients will be the responsibility of them to pick up the files.
  3. Transfer of data export files to clients from Axuall will be the responsibility of both teams. Axuall will ensure that the data can be dropped into the folder and the client will ensure that it can be imported into the provider data management platform.
  4. New data will not overwrite or replace existing files. Data will be additions to the existing files stored in the SFTP, based on a defined folder structure.

Delivery Frequency and Timing

  1. Data extract with provider new and updated data will be posted once daily.
  2. Files will be set with the default to delete after 7 days.
  3. Note: even if there are no updates, an empty data extract will still be posted to ensure the process ran.

File Specifications

The file specifications will change depending on the type of data contained in the data extract. For a technical breakdown of the files, they can be sent upon request.

File TypeExtensionDescription
CSV.csvCSV (comma-separated values) is a text file format commonly used to import data into spreadsheet or database programs.
TXT.txtTXT (pipe-delimited values) is a text file format commonly used to import data.