Document Name Mapping


Document name mapping enables the ability to map client’s document names to the ones used by Axuall. This allows easier integration of the documents used by our clients to those utilized in Axuall. Clients can work with the Implementation team to set up their document names. Document name mapping can be accessed by the Verified Share or Files endpoints.

Files Endpoint

The Files endpoint can retrieve all the available files for a clinician by subscriber group. This allows partners to import all files into the provider data management system.

List Provider Files

The Files endpoint will return the following pieces of information:

  1. File_type: artifact, signature, document, attestation, supplemental
    1. Artifact: an expiring link to download evidence for a credential. This is only available for verified data.
    2. Signature: Uploaded files that require signature by the clinician for credentialing and privileging.
    3. Document: Uploaded files that were imported by the clinician for credentialing and privileging.
    4. Attestation: A file associated with a provider’s attestations.
    5. Supplemental: A collection of supplemental questions gathered from the clinician.
  2. URL: An expiring link for the document download.
  3. Name: The document name as recorded by Axuall for storage and retrieval.
  4. Created_at: The creation date and time of the document in Axuall.
  5. Expires_at: The expiration date and time of the URL. Links expire after 30 minutes of retrieving the clinician’s files for download.
  6. External_file_name: The stored custom name of the file as defined by the subscriber group.
  7. Continuity_ID: An ID that stays constant for the same credential even as its data changes.

The structure of the JSON is below:

    "url": "string",
    "created_at": "2023-07-28T17:12:11.028Z",
    "expires_at": "2023-07-28T17:12:11.028Z",
    "name": "string",
    "external_file_name": "string",
    "continuity_id": "string"

Along with all of the files found in the verified share endpoint, this new one also includes the NPDB artifacts per facility along with the FSMB artifact.

Note: Files are not available until the clinician has shared their wallet with the subscriber.


What is a Clinician Wallet?

The Clinician Wallet is the clinician-facing part of Axuall's product that is used to gather information about the clinician and to surface what we have collected for the clinician to review. It is also the application where clinicians can log in to refer to their credentials or to share those credentials with an organization.

External file name in Verified Share

The Verified Share endpoint will now include all of the custom document names (external_file_name) for a clinician. This enables clients who want to parse out the files from this endpoint to do so into the provider data management system and have them match the document names they are using. External file name will come over in 3 different formats in the endpoint:

  1. External_file_name
  2. External.{credential_type}.file_name
  3. Verified.{credential_type}.external_file_name

External file names will show up as listed below:

CategoryAxuall Name/URLExternal File Name
ID VerificationVerified.axuall_id.artifactExternal_file_name
State LicenseVerified.state_license.artifactExternal.state_license.file_name
RN LicenseVerified.rn_license.artifactVerified.rn_license.external_file_name
Education - University TranscriptVerified.university_transcript.artifactExternal_file_name
Education - NSCVerified.nsc.artifactExternal_file_name
Board CertificationVerified.board_certification.artifactExternal.board_certification.file_name
Hospital AffiliationsVerified.hospital_affiliations.artifactExternal.affiliations.file_name
Work HistoryVerified.work_number.artifactExternal_file_name
Ongoing Monitoring - HHS_OIGVerified.hhs_oig.artifactVerified.hhs_oig.external_file_name
Ongoing Monitoring - MedicaidVerified.medicaid.artifactVerified.medicaid.external_file_name
Ongoing Monitoring - MedicareVerified.medicare_participation.artifactVerified.medicare_participation.external_file_name
Ongoing Monitoring - SAM ParticipationVerified.sam_participation.artifactVerified.sam_participation.external_file_name
Ongoing Monitoring - OFACVerified.ofac.artifactVerified.ofac.external_file_name
Life SupportVerified.life_support.artifactVerified.life_support.external_file_name

Dynamic Attributes

Document name mapping for state licenses (medical and RN), training, board certifications, and life support certifications will support the ability to append attributes from the credential type.

  1. State licenses - The state of the license can be added to the external file name.
  2. Training - The training type can be added to the external file name.
  3. Board certifications - The specialty type for the board certification can be added to the external file name.
  4. Life support certifications - The training type for the life support certification can be added to the external file name.
  5. NPDB - The facility for NPDB can be added to the external file name.
    1. Note: This is only available in the Files endpoint.
  6. Ongoing Monitoring - Medicaid - The state of the Medicaid ongoing monitoring report can be added to the external file name.