List Providers

Request Method: GET

This Axuall endpoint can be called to retrieve provider types, tags, registration status, and dates related to latest presentation change and wallet shared for a provider. You can leverage this information to understand:

  1. Tags: Labels assigned to a provider to better understand what kind of credentialing is being completed for them. For example, "Initial Appointment" would indicate that the provider is being credentialed for an initial appointment at the hospital system.
  2. Registration status: Statuses that help to understand where the provider is in the wallet sharing process. This can help determine when the Verified Share API should be called for the provider.
  3. Last Wallet Shared: Last wallet shared date is an important piece of information to have because it indicates the latest date that the provider shared their wallet with a subscriber. This can help to determine what date to call the Verified Share.
  4. Invitation status: Statuses that help to understand where the provider is in the invitation process. This can help to determine things such as if the invite bounced, was canceled, or was sent to the provider.
  5. Recipes: An app_req_id is an UUID that identifies the workflow or process that a provider should follow to gather the necessary credentialing data for the subscriber group. Users of the API endpoint can filter by these UUIDs to return a list of providers with that recipe.
  6. Recipe status: The recipe status is the status of the app_reqs that can be returned or filtered. If none is supplied in the query param, then it will return all app_reqs with all statuses. The following statuses are available:
    1. active: Recipes that are currently assigned to a provider.
    2. inactive: Recipes that are not currently assigned to a provider.
    3. pending: Recipes that are going to be assigned to a provider.