Email Setup

As part of enrolling your practitioner population with Axuall - we'll need to send a few emails directly to them. We've put together a small primer on different approaches we can take to ensure these emails get to your practitioners.

Axuall Support

We use Sendgrid for all our outgoing emails. By default those outgoing emails come from [email protected]. In order to maintain a strong email reputation, we've taken the following steps.

  • We use a dedicated IP for all outgoing communication.
  • We have a published DMARC TXT record at
  • We apply DKIM and SPF signatures to all outgoing correspondence.

We use MXToolbox to ensure a strong sender reputation.

Email Delivery

To ensure emails sent by Axuall, via SendGrid, are appropriately delivered, customers may choose to whitelist or relay received emails.

  • Whitelists / Spam Filters: All emails are sent from dedicated IPs. These may be used to identify email traffic sent by Axuall
  • Emails relayed through Health System SMTP server

Note: In some cases - health systems prefer to route practitioner correspondence through their SMTP relays.

Please reach out to the Implementation Team for additional support.