Clinician Statuses

How do I retrieve a list of clinician statuses?

The List Providers endpoint of the Axuall API allows you to regularly poll for clinician statuses. This allows you to:

  1. Establish a regular schedule to see the clinician status based on your business needs.
  2. Retrieve a list of providers that have had a status update since the last pull.
  3. Use the list of providers to pull their clinician data from the Verified Share endpoint.

The List Providers can be used to achieve this. The following search parameters are recommended for knowing when to pull a clinician's data through the Verified Share endpoint based on the status of them:

  1. Set the Registration Status to Account_share or the Invitation status to Account_shared. This will filter the provider list to clinicians that have completed their wallet and who's presentations are available via the Verified Share endpoint.


What is a presentation?

Presentations are a snapshot of a clinicians data that includes all of their credentials. When any of their credentials change, the presentation date will update to the latest date the change occurred.

  1. Set the min_presentation_change to the current time minus the interval you are regularly polling. For example, if you are checking for updates on an hourly basis, then this field should be set to Now () - 1 hour.

The following invitation statuses are available to track the clinician's progress through completing their wallet if they are an engaged one or the status of their account if they are unengaged:

  1. Invite_bounced: The invitation sent to the clinician failed. This is likely due to an invalid email address.
    1. 📘

      Axuall Support

      In this instance, the clinician will not be able to proceed with the wallet and a support ticket should be placed with Axuall to investigate this further.

  2. Invitation_sent: An invitation was sent to the clinician.
  3. Invite_canceled: The invitation sent to the clinician was canceled.
  4. In_process: The clinician has logged in and started the wallet.
  5. Account_shared: The clinician has shared their wallet with the subscriber group.
  6. Application_submitted: The clinician's data is available in the admin center and Verified Share endpoint.


Provider Registration: Allows for the loading of providers with existing data clients have on hand.

Verified Share: Automate real-time data transfer between Axuall and the system of record.