Getting Started with the Axuall API

What is the Axuall API?

The Axuall API is built to allow our clients and partners to access the most recent, verified copy of a practitioner's data. Loading all existing clinicians into Axuall enables:

  1. Actualization of data on file
  2. Ensure organization always have the latest information on clinicians
  3. Ongoing monitoring of clinicians

Request Methods

The Axuall API endpoints use two request methods - GET and POST.

A POST request is a way for our clients to send data to Axuall. A GET request is a way for our clients to receive data from Axuall. The table below specifies the request method used for the Axuall API endpoints.

EndpointRequest MethodOutput
AuthenticationPOST/authReceive a bearer token
SSO InitiationGET/ssoRetrieve an URI for initiating SSO
RecipesGET/app_req_listRetrieve the list of recipes for a subscriber group
FacilitiesGET/facility_listRetrieve the list of facilities for a subscriber group
FSMB ArtifactGET/fsmb/artifactRetrieve FSMB artifact
Create InvitePOST/inviteCreate clinician invitation
Send InvitePOST/send_inviteSend clinician invitation
Provider PreviewGET/provider_previewRetrieve a preview of the provider's data
List ProvidersGET/providersRetrieve a list of providers
Register ProviderPOST/providersRegister a provider for Axuall
Get ProviderGET/providers/{provider_id}Retrieve identifying clinician data
Verified ShareGET/providers/{provider_id}/verified_shareRetrieve clinician credential data
Provider FilesGET/providers/{provider_id}/filesRetrieve clinician files
Credential ChangesGET/providers/{provider_id}/changesRetrieve clinician credential changes
Assign WorkflowPOST/providers/{provider_id}/workflowsUpdate a provider's workflow status

What do you need to get started?

In order to use the Axuall API, the Axuall Implementation team will provide you with several pieces of information. These include the:

  1. Client_id: This is an unique ID assigned to each client accessing clinician data within the Axuall database.
  2. Client_secret: This is a secret known only to your application and the authorization server. It protects your resources by only granting tokens to authorized requestors.
  3. Actor_id (x-axuall-actor): This is an unique ID that allows an API user to access all clinician data for a subscriber group. Without this, you will be unable to use any of the API endpoints other than Authentication.
  4. App_req_id: ID of the application requirement.
  5. Test providers: These providers will be used to test the integration between Axuall and systems of record. The Axuall Implementation team will set up the creation of these providers.


Want to start testing immediately?

If you need to start testing immediately, you can use our test provider with the NPI of 1111111111.