Data Source Types

Attested and Verified Data Sources

The Verified Share endpoint can be called to retrieve the latest verified and attested data for a clinician that has granted your organization access. There are two main types of data formats found in the endpoint - attested and verified.

Attested Data

Attested data is one that has been input by the clinician but unable to be verified through a primary source. Because Axuall does not have evidence for this data, we provide only what the clinician put into the system. Attested information will never include an artifact (expiring link to download evidence for a credential) or relevant metadata for that source.

Verified Data

Verified data has been certified through a primary source and contains an artifact as evidence. The artifacts expire after 10 minutes. Along with the artifact, it will include metadata on where the data was sourced along with when. An example of the artifact and meta elements are below:

"verified.license.artifact": "<url>",  
"verified.license.meta": {  
   "verification_type": "automatic",  
   "source": "Ohio Board of Medicine",  
   "most_recent_verification": "2023-03-20T13:01:38.617Z",  
   "initial_verification_date": "2023-03-20T13:01:38.617Z"  


Unverified Data

We will indicate unverified data by using a prefix of attested rather than a prefix of verified.

Axuall Data Sources

SourceOnly VerifiedOnly AttestedBoth
State LicensesX
RN LicensesX
Board CertificationsX
Other CertificationsX
Hospital AffiliationsX
Work HistoryX
Life SupportX
Ongoing MonitoringX

What’s Next

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