Axuall as an NPDB Authorized Agent

In order for Axuall to make NPDB queries on your behalf, Axuall must be designated as an authorized agent within your NPDB account. To do this you'll need to share your NPDB DBID with Axuall. Following that, take the following steps from your NPDB account accessible at

💡 If you are a healthsystem with multiple facilities with different Tax ID's, you will need to take these steps for each facility.

  • On the Select an Option page, select Administrator Options.

Image of NPDB Options

  • On the Administrator Options page, select Maintain Agent Information.
  • On the Authorized Agents page, select Add.

Image of Maintain Agent Screen

  • Select Axuall, Inc. (last 4 of DBID: 0544)

    Axuall, Inc
    742 PROSPECT AVE, CLEVELAND, OH 44114-1251

  • Complete the form on the Designate Authorized Agent page

  • Certify the information, and select Continue; follow the instructions on the Agent Designation Status page and select Continue.

  • Ensure you have the following options selected:

    Authorized TransactionsOne-time Query, Continuous Query
    Authorized to Use EFTYes
    Response Routed to AgentYes

Once you have taken the above steps - Please reach out to [email protected] to confirm Axuall's access.