Last Wallet Shared

How do I retrieve the wallet share date for a provider?

The last_wallet_shared field in the List Providers endpoint can be used to gather when the provider last shared their wallet with a subscriber group.


What is a Clinician Wallet?

The Clinician Wallet is the clinician-facing part of Axuall's product that is used to gather information about the clinician and to surface what we have collected for the clinician to review. It is also the application where clinicians can log in to refer to their credentials or to share those credentials with an organization.

This date is important because the provider's data is not accessible via the Verified Share endpoint until the provider has completed their wallet share. By polling around the last wallet shared date, you are able to determine when the clinician's presentation can be available for import into your PDMP for engaged providers.


Unengaged providers and last wallet shared

Unengaged providers do not interact with the Axuall wallet. Therefore, they will not have a last_wallet_shared value. The value will return as null in the response.